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True growth is a major process for most people. One that is most often scary and uncomfortable at first.

To truly grow we must first be open to what patterns we are locked into that are blocking our creative forces, and understand what caused us to view the world from that lens, to begin with.

These are identities that we have all felt at some point in life, and we tend to build ourselves around them in a way that we are trying to avoid something, rather than create it.

This is most often unconsciously done through one or more of the Six Sabotaging Identities

The Six Sabotaging Identities include:

  • I am unworthy
  • ​I am not good enough
  • ​I don't belong
  • I am incapable
  • ​I am insignificant
  • ​I am not perfect

I did this to myself for years. I tried to create change by focusing on my conscious beliefs. Yet there seemed to be nothing that could provide me with consistent results of having the life I so badly desired.

It always felt as though I was missing something, I could create short-term results but not the big long-lasting transformation, wealth, and joy I truly wanted.

Until I learned how to understand my Unconscious or Subconscious beliefs. Once I understood what was being said beneath the Conscious, everything changed. This is when I learned about the Magnetic Mind Coaching process.

Science supports everything used in the Magnetic Goddess Coaching program. It is a combination of different concepts in quantum physics, epigenetics, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom. All put together for you in a way that is understandable.

Do You Want To Learn The "Fastest" Way To Rewire Your Brain For Love, Happiness, & Success?

Do You Want To Know How To Turn Thoughts Into Reality Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible?

Would You Like To Have The Ability To Create Healing In Every Aspect Of Your Life And Finally Live Your Full Potential?

Are You Ready To Become A Magnetic Goddess And Attract Your Perfect Life?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then understand that your whole world can change...

This is your opportunity to Join Magnetic Goddess coaching for only $49 a week and finally LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE!

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS…

There is a power inside of you that you have not tapped into.

You know there has been knowledge hidden from you. You have been frustrated with your results in the past, and that with proper guidance you can achieve anything you “put your mind to”...

HOWEVER, there is one problem... There is one thing holding you back... YOU.

Women constantly feel like there is something they must fix about themselves in order to create miracles and manifest their dreams.

But let me tell you something. By focusing on this perception of "fixing" yourself

You have given your inherent Goddess power away…

You have given your power to medicine, society, teachers, fear of success, other's expectations, a personal belief you are not good enough, unworthy, or insignificant...

You give the power to the latest diet, or a new haircut or meditation practice… you are seeking the answers everywhere...

Except for the one place, you will find it…

Within your own Goddess Superconscious!

You just need to create a flowing relationship with your Superconscious mind.

I had toiled pretty much my entire adult life chasing the idea of being the perfect woman, wife, daughter, boss, employee, etc.

However, when I learned to listen to my inner Magnetic Goddess and listen to what the field had to offer, my world changed.

As a Magnetic Goddess, I use the Superconscious Recode to allow me to release resistance to what I really want in life, give me guidance in attaining the life I want to live, and it has provided me the ability to step into my own power -

I became a manifesting GODDESS!

And I did it by committing to my Superconscious work for just a few hours a week.

If you are a woman wanting to create a life and world you love you must choose to let go of the identities that make you feel incomplete.

The reason why most women struggle with creating the life they want is that the goals they are trying to achieve are designed through one of the 6 Sabotaging Identities which creates internal friction and is the primary reason why they feel frustrated with their lives.

But let's be honest, You currently don't know any other way. No one has shown you what is possible...until now.

When you Join Magnetic Goddess Coaching, you have the option to:

Join twice-weekly LIVE mindset group coaching calls from anywhere in the world, to help you identify what is blocking you from attaining the life you desire.

Learn what the 6 Sabotaging identities are and how they unconsciously affect your everyday choices.

Learn Techniques to align the energy of your true choice with the universe, and bring about desirable changes within your life.

Understand that often times we must create through conflict, and learn how to do it effectively.

Access your higher self Superconscious through the Rapid Recode Process guided by certified Magnetic Mind Coach Serena Skinner.

In addition to the process and transformation you will:

Be part of the members-only website with access to different resources.

Have access to a workbook designed to help you define what it is you truly desire, and how to get it.

Have access to a Private Facebook group of women who are taking the journey, just like you, to transform themselves into Magnetic Goddesses!

Have 19 guided meditations available to you on the members-only website that you can use to help you reach a breakthrough in the different processes.

And, as a BONUS you will have access to the Rising Goddess workshop inside your member portal, PLUS get a discounted rates of any retreats, live or virtual.

You can choose to join the Magnetic Goddess with a smaller weekly payment of only $49 a week.

Or one annual payment of $1,997, saving you over $500 a year.

I promise you are not going to regret FINALLY being able to create that life that you have wanted so dearly for so long.

Don't wait too long to join, I currently limit my group to 100 women working on becoming their own MAGNETIC GODDESS!

Join today and get the life you have always wanted.

Now I'm not gonna lie, this process is not for everyone. It's only for those who are willing to look deeper into themselves than they even know is possible.

You must be willing to let the Superconscious Fieldwork for you, to provide an increase in satisfaction.

You must want to participate in choosing what kind of life you want to create.

And you must be willing to give me just a few hours a week.

You can attend the live sessions. But I also understand that life happens, which is why all of the sessions are uploaded to the private Facebook group and the Member's Portal after each session for you to watch and still reap all of the benefits.

So, here's the BIG question...

Is your happiness worth $49 a week?

You Can Cancel At Any Time If you Feel That This Process Is Just Not For You*.

What Are You Waiting For? You've Got Nothing To Lose, And Everything To Gain.

Join Today And Learn How To Create

The Life You LOVE!

Serena Skinner MSN, FNP, ACS is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Sexologist and also became a Certified magnetic Mind Coach

Serena works diligently with clients daily in addressing their personal blocks and overcoming them.

By combining both her medical background with her Magnetic Mind coaching, her vision has become a reality and was born.

She has now helped thousands of individuals reach their goals in creating a life they love.

Serena Skinner lives in the coastal region of Georgia with her husband and has two grown children. Her career in healthcare began in 2002 and she has an extensive background in emergency and urgent care medicine in addition to her current Wellness and Anti-aging practice.

She is an alumnus of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center where she obtained both her bachelor's and master's degrees. She is a member of The Certified Magnetic Mind Coaches, The American Academy of Anti-Aging, The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, The International Society of Sexual Medicine, The Cellular Medicine Association, and is the president of the Golden Isles chapter of the United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses association in Georgia.

*weekly coaching payments

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